Thursday, November 23, 2006

Techcruch & Valleywag: Chalk and cheese?

I have long held that the comments section in Techcrunch is more useful than the writeups.

A friend recently said that Techcrunch is like magazines such as Upside, The Standard during the Dotcom bubble era of late last century. They loved building up things, painting rosy scenarios. I remember, one of these magazines hold the record for carrying most advertisements at a time. Maybe, Techcrunch follows that model, complete with all the tech-events it holds, without thinking about any conflict of interest.

A brouhaha broke out between the two premier business & technology blogs over coverage of Jason Calacanis’ departure from AOL – Valleywag was anti-Jason while Techcruch was pro- Jason. Whatever the merits of the story, Valleywag continues with its habit attacking the big names.

We need more Valleywags to bring sanity to all that web 2.0 insanity.

Robert Scoble writes:

TechCrunch is all about building companies and people up while Valleywag is all about tearing companies and people down.


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