Saturday, December 02, 2006

Digg in Print?

Wouldn’t it be cool if we could read all the Digg stories that go to the front page or get at least 10 Diggs, in print?

The print version can be sold at a around $1.95 per week and the money can be distributed to each source – something on the co-operative lines. The ad-supported PDF version may be free for all to download and read.

I think this is one aspect that Web 2.0 startups, desperate for revenue, can explore.

The .JPG magazine runs on the same principle. A community of photo enthusiasts decides what photos go in each issue. Photographers are flocking to the site in big numbers to get a shot at having their work rated and then pinted in the print version. The Pdf version is available here.

The .JPG magazine costs $5.99 per issue – 6 issues in a year. It already has the support of print advertisers, including Flickr.

On a related note, I think a print version of Flickr (choose a category with most views) would be cool as well.

Communities and magazines - it is an area worth exploring.
For example, the Myspace magazine has been often discussed. In fact, Flickr could have been a bigger version of .JPG and Yahoo willing, it could still be.

Related idea: Techmeme in Print (including syndicatd stuff from NYT and others) can be explored as an alternative business magazine.

Kevin Rose, Gabe Reveira, are you listening?


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