Thursday, March 15, 2007

Assignment Zero

The guys at Wired are relaunching their blogs in a big way. They have taken the citizen journalism concept up a notch as well.

It is called Assignment Zero, a partnership with NewAssignment venture where reporters will post ‘story seeds’ and citizen reporters will research related matter and help build up the story. The founder of Newsvine are a alos pat of this experiment. It is not the first time Wired has ventured into citizen journalism. They have even broached the topic of open journalism - a concept where you put the editorial process for all to see.

Wired says it won’t own the content created by Citizen Journalists. A Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike 3.0 License will apply.

An editor will be in charge of the whole process. The editor will ‘commission work, set deadlines, keep track of all the parts and bring the whole thing in on time.’

My take on this: It is too early to say. However, Jimmy Wales’ idea of open source magazines at Wikia is an idea Wired might ave looked into.

Related concepts (Google them): Peer production Crowdsourcing, commons-based peer production (coined by Yockai Benckler)

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