Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Calacanis’ next: Editor-moderated search?

Nick Douglas reports about the possibility that Jason Calacanis is getting into editor-moderated/powered search. According to floating rumors, Calacanis has put 20 people into the project, which is backed by investors.

Calacanis, coming from a journalistic background has long advocated human ‘power’ over automation.

When he was with AOL/Netscape, he converted into a Digg-like site moderated by subject guides, who are paid $1000 each.

Calacanis has long argued for a human face to Wikipedia, so that people know about the contributors, especially in case of articles about living persons, also calling for an ad-supported Wikipedia.

Early reports say that editors at new venture will filter and aggregate links for popular queries on search engines.



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