Thursday, May 17, 2007

Is Online Publishing another name for Pageview Sweatsops?

The current description for as a Pageview Sweatshop fits many other forms of online properties as well.

Blog networks are Pageview sweatshops, and the pay is less than what it must be at the established Forbes.

Revenue sharing outfits including Hubpages are page view sweatshops as well.

In the offline world, writers wrote the target number of stories and that was it, you had earned your dihadi – (Hindi for Daily wage)

Offline, your print outlet is competing with a set number of competitors, most of which are started and run by well-off capitalists and an assortment on independently wealthy people.

Online, you are also competing with spammers, rewriters, SEO and SMM experts, bootstrappers, DIYers.

The online writer is a veritable all-in-one publishing wonder: she is the writer, the marketer, the networker, the tracker, the analytics analyzer, the salesgirl, and so on.

No wonder at the reporters are under constant pressure and editors try but cannt shiled them all the time.

The quality of stories gets hit: most of the stories turn out quickies like lists, new product introductions, rumors, off-the cuff smartypants remarks…where is the time to think?

Moreover, the page view mentality causes heavy manpower churn.

It doesn’t surprise that most of the deep online writing happens at established and renowned outfits including The New York Times, WSJ, Economist, New Yorker.

Online, outfits like Engadget invent stories, report rumors to get in the traffic or do a story about yet another inane gadget.

Just another day at a Pageview Sweatshop, huh?

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At 4:50 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

India is fast becoming a haven for paid bloggers.

- A Sweatshop blogger

At 4:54 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does SEO work count as Sweatshop work?

I work in Pune.


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