Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Truemors: A potent 5 –in-1 mix?

As usual, Michael Arrington has the scoop on Guy Kawaski’s secret soon-to-be-launched startup Truemors.
Truemors will be “rumor reporting bulletin board with twitter-like capabilities.”

Mike has posted screenshots of the currently password-protected site .

With Truemors, Guy Kawasaki finally gets a chance to develop a ‘monitizable’ audience for a potent mix of edgy news the Valley might love.
(meaning: what people in other parts of the world might be forced to love, since the valley is the fountain ‘coolness’ and all that).

If you remember, Guy was unhappy with the paltry revenue he gets from his otherwise highly popular blog.

What is in the Truemors mix?
Guy is reportedly looking for people who can find real and juicy rumors, much like Digg is looking for interesting and punchy stories.

A probable 5-in-1 feature mix for Truemors might be something like this:

1. Startup breaking news – e.g. Techcrunch
2. Bitchy Valley Gossip – e.g. Valleywag
3. Juicy Celeb news – e.g.Gawker

4. Breaking news - Add a spoonful of Digg-like voting.
5. Exploit our addiction to the latest inanity via Twitter.

So, will this Indian-like spicy mix work?
Too early to say anything, boss.



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