Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Reality Check for Facebook Developers

Kevin Barenblat, co-creator of SpotDJ has written an op-ed piece on Venturebeat where he paints the realistic picture of the challenges developers of Facebook applications face in a hugely crowded field.

As of now, 100,000+ programmers have signed up as Facebook Platform Developers – I suspect many of these are young programmers or people who did not find much currency in blogging and assorted web 2.0 opportunities.

- There are now more than 3000 Facebook apps.

- 70% of Facebook users already have applications on their page.

- Nine of the top 12 Facebook apps are owned by Slide (4), RockYou (4), and Facebook (1).

- Only 42 of over 3000 apps (1.4%) have over 1M users, and only 150 (5%) have over 100,000 users.

- While the blogging hordes get obsessed with SEO, Facebook Developers are getting heavy with NFO (News Feed Optimization) but here too the going is pretty tough - less than 0.2% of possible news feed items actually show up in the user’s Facebook feeds.

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