Saturday, October 13, 2007

What Ted Dziuba thinks about Web 2.0

Ted Dziuba, the 23 year old blogger who runs, a site which stands for everything Techcrunch doesn’t and whose tagline is that timeless gem "What. The. Fuck.", says it as he feels, about web 2.0 and where it is headed.

In Brief, Ted’s party line is:
“a lot of people are going to be disappointed with Web 2.0”.

Most of the losers are going to be people playing with other people’s money.
Entrepreneurs with copycat offerings and VCs who can't keep up with the changes happening on the web but must make investments to justify their inflated salaries.

In any given Techno-Economic Business Cycle, this is normal but where I think Ted is more right than anything else is the role certain bloggers/new media moghuls are playing in this overly long Spring Break in the Valley, web 2.0 style.

Ted Says,
…(people go to parties) just to suck up to Arrington and say, "Hey come look at my startup. Please plug me." For these guys TechCrunch is going to make or break the company. If you look at a company's traffic graph on Alexa when it hits TechCrunch, there's a huge spike that day and then a month later it's down to almost nothing.

There’s more,
The whole scene is like a little league game where everyone's a winner and everyone gets a trophy at the end. You've got people like Michael Arrington and Robert Scoble who are the coaches of the team and handing out the trophies, and then Uncov is like the creepy guy in the trench coat sitting in the stands.

The pied pipers are the only ones making any money out of it.

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