Friday, January 04, 2008

How to be an Ego Blogger

There are three main ways, people make money with blogging. In brief, there are:

1. The Niche Blogger (, In web 2.0 reportage field, Techcrunch has a big lead over many aspiring blogs, and is followed at some distance by,,, which are all readable blogs on web 2.0.

2. The Spam Blogger/network of blogs filled with rewritten material and optimized for maximum adsense earnings.
Too many to be named on one page.

3. The A-lister/Pundit Blogger, where you make money based on your accumulated reputation, through a variety of online/offline extensions.

Now, many people don’t have the relevant field expertise and general peer-respect that people like Jeff Jarvis and Dave Winer enjoy.

I have seen many people who are in the so-called A-list of bloggers because they were the first to blog.

Aided by geography, some bloggers live in certain places that are humming with other voices eager to connect and are helped further by ingratiating aggregators like Techmeme.

Some people among these A-listers got there by chance and have discovered, just like the SEO guys figured out Google, that making a noise around you is perhaps the easiest way to remain in the news, that is, the currency of links keeps on flowing for these smarty pants. These are the Ego Bloggers.

So, if joining the A-list of the blogosphere is your kind of thing, being an Ego Blogger is the way to go.

How do you become an Ego Blogger and join the ranks of self-obsessed/navel gazing, mutually back-scratching group of pundits?

Follow this simple 7-course path.
Follow again and again until you have done it.

1. Catch on the back of a rising star and use it to promote yourself.
Robert Scoble resurrected his flagging post-microsoft blogging career with his exploits on Facebook, which was the rising star of 2007. There were some others who rode on Twitter's back.

2. Do something outrageous.
Call people names and benefit from resulting useless linkfest on Techmeme.
Sadly, for this you have to be on the A-list. The question is: how low can you go?

3. Insert your name in as many things as possible.
For your consideration, the 'mememe(put your name here) awards/predictions/index'

4. Start with praising these great people on their blogs and in your posts.
Hopefully, they will award you with a link. Warning: chances of success with this are very. very low.

5. Do some coding and photoshop magic and start by announcing you have received 100,000 page views in the past two days (Don't forget to put this on Digg as well).

6. Follow Techmeme throughout the day.
Not only, you will be following a time-honored A-lister tradition, you might get some story pointers as well.

7. If all else fails, move to San Fransisco, if New York is too far.

Together, these two cities form the Twin Capitals of the Blogosphere.

Somebody should put all the blogs on Technorati Too 100 and the Techmeme Leaderboard on a map and then we will know more on this.

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At 4:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great Post, Pramit. You missed out on another useful tip: Attend as many expensive events and conferences as you can.

IMHO, this is the best way to such up to the A-listers and make yourself known as well.

But pray, why be an Ego Blogger at all?

- The Valley's Gun


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