Friday, March 25, 2011

Why is everyone so worked up on NYT's paywall? Because NYT is the fuel of all aggregators and most bloggers

The New York Times' decision to put up a $15-35/month paywall is generating buzz and consternation among bloggers and aggregators. That is understandable. The New York Times is perhaps the most important link source for much of online conversation. A sampling of NYT's standing on various leaderboards (most linked sources):

1. NYT is No.2 on the list of sites cited most for original reporting. [See image above]
2. NYT is No. 9 on the Techmeme Leaderboard  (Technology stories aggregator)
3. NYT is No1 on the Memeorandum Leaderboard (Politics stories aggregator)
4. NYT is No.1 on the Mediagazer Leaderboard (Media stories aggregator)
5. NYT is No.2 on Hacker News Leaderboard (Social news site for technology entrepreneurs)

When was the last time Huffington Post was cited for original reporting?.

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