Friday, April 15, 2011

Another Reason Why Huff Post is Not the Kind of News Provider we Want

That Huff Post is a mega-blog masquerading as an aggregator is well known. That it is glorified PR company pushing itself as a provider of 'original' news is another fact that Techmeme/Mediagzer-type bloggers routinely gloss over, using fancy analogies and cute terms.

Diana Ravitch recently wrote in the Washington Post about Michelle Rhee, who champions business interests in the education sector. Michelle Rhee also has a page on Huff Post, using which she pushes her agenda.

From Ravitch's story:
The most chilling episode in Richard Whitmire’s biography of Michelle Rhee occurs near the end, when Rhee says to a PBS camera crew, “I’m going to fire somebody in a little while. Do you want to see that?” Of course they did, and they taped the chancellor of the District of Columbia public schools firing a principal.
Think about it: Would the New York Times put out pages for every major personality, from Gaddafi to Kim Kardashain, all pushing their personal agendas?

What sort of News is this? This is almost like paid news in disguise.
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Ravitch story via Undernews

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