Thursday, November 16, 2006

100 people shaping Online Journalism

Readers of Pressgazette in britain nominated a alist of 50 people including 'media moguls, website editors, and new media evangelists' who are shaping online journalism.

1. Rupert Murdoch, chairman, News Corp
2. Ashley Highfield, director, BBC Future Media & Technology
3. Craig Newmark, founder, Craigslist
4. Simon Waldman, director of digital strategy & development, Guardian Media Group
5. Pete Clifton, head of BBC News Interactive
6. Carolyn McCall, Guardian Media Group chief executive
7. Alan Rusbridger, editor, The Guardian
8. Emily Bell, director of digital content, Guardian News and Media
9. Annelies van den Belt, new media director, Telegraph Group
10. Murdoch MacLennan, chief executive, Telegraph Group
11. Oh Yeonho, Founder, Ohmynews
12 & 13. Tom Anderson & Chris DeWolfe, founders of MySpace
14. Steve Herrmann, editor, BBC News Online
15. Nathan Stoll, product manager, Google News
16. James Montgomery, editor,
17. Zach Leonard, digital publisher, Times Media
18. Les Hinton, chairman, News International
19. Tony Watson, editorial director, Press Assocation
20. Anne Spackman, editor-in-chief, Times Online
21. Edward Roussel, online editorial director,
22. Rafat Ali, founder, ContentNext
23. Tim O'Reilly, founder, O'Reilly Media
24. Jeff Jarvis, blogger and consultant
25. Andy Hart, MD, AN Digital
26. Neil Budde, general manager, Yahoo! News
27. Matt Drudge, publisher, The Drudge Report
28. Peter Bale Former Times Online editor
29. Nick Denton, publisher, Gawker Media
30. "Guido Fawkes", blogger
31. Camilla Wright, founder, Popbitch
32. Tim Faircliff, general manager UK and EMEA, Reuters Consumer Media
33. Lloyd Shepherd, director of news, sport and information, Yahoo! Europe
34. Pete Picton, editor, Sun Online
35. Iain Dale, blogger
36. James Murdoch, CEO, BSkyB
37. David Black, director, Trinity Mirror Regional Digital Media
38. Michael Birch, founder, Bebo
39. Bill Murray, MD, group business information strategy, Haymarket Publishing
40. Dan Gillmor, founder, Center for Citizen Media
41. Alan Revell, COO, AN Digital
42. & 43 John Lettice and Drew Cullen, founder and editor, The Register
44. Matt Loney, site director,
45. Stewart Kirkpatrick, editor,
46. Keith Perch, MD, AN Digital Publishing
47. Tim Bowdler, CEO, Johnston Press
48. Richard Withey, global director, interactive media for IN&M
49. Ian Davies, development director, Archant
50. Ben Perreau, editor,

Although having many international list, this is still a britain-oriented list. What is also missing from the list are the tool makers, and plaform makers who have made it possible for people to express themselves better.

What would a more global Online Publisher hall of Fame 2006 would look like?

Here are my additions to the list. Although Flickr and Youtube have been bought by bigger companies but the work they are doing remains undiluted:

51 &52. Chad Hurley, left, and Steven Chen, YouTube founders.
Made online video big.

53. Joshua Schachter, founder
The tagging and social bookmarking initiative

54. Darren Rouse, Problogger publisher
Giving out advice to bloggers who want to make it big in the online publishing.

55. Jason Calacanis, Weblogsinc head honcho
Created a profitable Blog publishing empire. Still doing new stuff and extending mass media best practices to new media. May still rescue AOL.

56. Kevin Rose, Digg Co-founder
Made social news popular. Ratings and all that...

57. Gabe Reviera, Founder, Memeorandum
Unique, pagerank-like algorithm to look for news from a list of carefully chosen sources.

58& 59. Publisghers of and
Creating news items that users pay to read - the holy grail.

60. Rich Skrenta: Co-Founder, CEO, Topix
350,000+ topics and counting, plus local news and zip-wise news.

61 &62. Stewart Butterfield & Caterina Fake, founders, Flickr
Pushed up the online photo revolution.

63-100: There are countless others pushing the boundaries of online publishing. For example, self help and DIY is big are. Help me out here finishing this list. I am positive there will be more than hundred.


At 12:40 AM , Blogger DigiDave said...

I like the way you opened up the list beyond people in traditional media. Online media is about more than turning newspapers into Web properties.

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