Monday, November 13, 2006

5 takeaways from Web 2.0 forum

Media’s penchant for hyping up things is never under doubt. More than 300 social networking startups in 2 years and no proper business model in sight. Even Tim O’ Reilly recently gave up and said Web 2.0 is about business, about moolah too. Hah, noble visions do not suit us lowly humans.

Going by people’s responses on the recently held Web 2,0 forum, I sense despondency – and fight between who those want to keep blowing up the balloon for obvious benefits and those who see the truth.

Here is my 5 points on the Web 2.0 forum:

1. Open up the platforms for a braoder audience.
Think Myspace users talking to Facebook users. Dion Hinchcliff has some tips for opening up the platforms, including having open APIs.

2. Web 3.0, the semantic web emerges again. Despite having been dissed by Google and Clay Shirky earlier, NYtimes 'times' the Forum to come up with Web 3.0 again. Not much in near future, I am sure.

Nick Douglas is right. Nytimes did it for having the bragging rights to spotting a trend.

3. Web 3.0, the semantic web might have applications in limited data environments such as the enterprise, where administrators might apply ontologies to distill better intelligence from all the data going to and fro in the organization.

Joe McKendrick has more on the topic.

4. Snark 1: Not all were happy with forum and saw it for what it was.
Nick Carr, the original snarkist calls Web 2.0 forum ‘underwhelming’.

He has this to say:
"When dogcrap 2.0 sites like PayPerPost and ReviewMe start getting a lot of attention, you know you're seeing the butt end of a movement.

5. Snark 2: Peter Rip was also disillusioned. As a VC, he was not impressed by the wares on display.

I spent three days this past week at the Web 2.0 Conference in SF. For the most part I felt like it was a waste of time (and $2500). The time spent in the halls was great, seeing people I know and connecting with interesting people. I didn't need the conference to figure out that Video is the new Black.
So, who is making money from Web 2.0? My money is on al those Ajax, Php and Mysql guide publishers and tutors.


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