Thursday, November 23, 2006

Book of the month: "Capitalism 3.0, A Guide To Reclaiming The Commons", by Peter Barnes

Consider this book as 'Web 2.0’-ization of capitalization. In this web 2.0 world, users are taking control of the conversation.

Similarly, this book pushes the case for ordinary citizens having more control of their lives in a capitalist world where businesses can no longer have all the say. If businesses are destroying he environment we live in, we want them to pay; if businesses want to use our land, we want a share and most importantly, a say in how they use our land. That is the general idea in the book.

The writer, Peter Barnes says:
Capitalism 3.0, we’ll have plenty of goods, but not too many. We’ll have more things we truly need — healthier ecosystems, communities and culture — and less junk that we don’t need. We’ll be more connected and less isolated, more secure and less stressed. Overall, we’ll be happier.

Nice idea. But I fear Capitalism 3.0 will be a mirage like the present Web 2.0 world. Users create the content for free and businesses profit from it.


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