Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Digg for health, anyone?

This column is about Web 2.0 and health. The Economist did a survey on The New Economy in 2000.

The New Economy, this phrase was as hot as Web 2.0 is today. The Economist said something like this, ‘the internet is not something as cool and revolutionary as time travel’ or ‘beam me up Scotty type of invention’.

A recent report said a big chunk of internet users use the net to get medical information, verify what the doctor said. I wonder why there isn’t any big Web 2.0 development about health. The portals, Google and Yahoo are not enough.

MIT’s Technology Review has just come out with a report on top emerging technologies fro 2006. 6 of those technologies are about health.

We are going live longer lives, with improved healthcare, but where is the Myspace for health. Where is the Digg for health, for that matter?

All you have to do put a lot of health information (reference), latest health developments and a community of doctors and patients from all over the world. At least, Kevin Rose might start this with including health channel. I doubt that, it would be too ‘uncool’. 


At 12:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

our health circle dot com maybe?


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