Thursday, November 30, 2006

Google’s Display Advertising Network: Hypocrisy unlimited?

John Chow writes about Google’s secret advertising network, The Google’s Display Advertising Network that Google created to cater to the lucrative Fortune 1000 companies.

Explaining the system, John Chow writes:

Google has been hand-selecting …that they want to put in front of Fortune 1000 companies. The goal being to sell these big companies display and video ads at a very high CPM – unlike the AdSense network, the display network is 100% CPM based.

Although it is praiseworthy that Google is diversifying – it wants to be an all-in-one Madison Avenue.

However, isn’t hypocritical on Google’s part to be the search provider, the pagerank owner, the context-sensitive ad network owner and now the media planner for Fortune 1000 companies?

I thought Pagerank and all that mumbo-jumbo was automatic, with no human interference. It is just coincidence that I have been writing about Digg’s automatic system versus moderation. How can we leave up to Google to decide which are the top online sources and then allow it run the Adsense business as well?

Something is not right, here. Or, may be we are all destined to live by Google’s term, under this large Google Camp, the Google OS, the Search-oriented Web.


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