Wednesday, November 08, 2006

A Guide to smartphones roundup

Although the U.S. market is skewed towards PDAs, I will not be surprised if U.S. users soon start opting for smartphones; most of the new models are coming closer to the desired feature set the customer seeks.

In October, Gartner reported that in 2005, out of combined PDA & smartphones sales of 42.1 million units, smartphones accounted for 34.7 million with the remainder PDAs. Expected, 45% of worldwide PDA sales took place in North America while 33% of smartphones was in Japan. However, much else in consumer technology, the U.S. will soon follow Japan in adopting smartphones in a big way.

Crunchgear has recently posted a detailed review of various options for first-time smartphone buyers.
Crunchgear also has a list of 10 things they hate in smartphones.

Gizmodo has a special section on Smartphones.
Wikipedia has a detailed list of smartphones.
Reviews of smartphones on Zdnet.
More smartphones reviews here.


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