Tuesday, November 21, 2006

How Microsoft can still save the world

Did you know that we spend $5 to $7 billion dollars every year powering inactive computers?

Foreignpolicy magazine suggests that Microsoft should issue a software upgrade that adjusts the computer's energy-saving settings for maximum efficiency, to every computer running Microsoft Windows worldwide.

Microsoft powers a major part of about 660 million computers in the world. Barring mission-critical computers such as those in air and rail traffic control systems and those manning the nuclear silos, it may be feasible for the computers to open their ports for the upgrade, if that indeed happens.

If we can get at least 100 million computers to go into energy-save mode daily, Foreignpolicy estimates that we can cut CO2 production by 45 million tons per year.

Besides generating good PR, Microsoft can also trump Google which has recently announced plan to solar panels its its campus.

Let a new breed of competitors emerge!


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