Thursday, November 23, 2006

Use Blog tours to promote your book

Budding authors can try a Blog tour. It is a one step up from having a blog devoted to your book or creating a site and writing one chapter at a time, with help of reader inputs. I think Blog tours are a great idea, they help bring traffic to you site/blog as well.

Start with a good book. If it is crap and people will find our soon and spread the word around.

I found a short piece on 37signals about book promotion. They recently had a big hit when they sold more than 20000 digital copies of their book, “Getting Real”. Of course, it helped that 37signals have a great cult-like following owing to their philosophy of keeping things simple, like Google, you might say.

I found a gem of an advice in the comments section. It reads:
One thing that (the Author) did to support her book was a blog tour. She visited a wide range of blogs and participated in interviews. All of the blog stops are on her website…

How to go about it
So, the next time you want to promote your book, do a blog tour if you can’t get a book tour. Make a list of at least 100-300 blogs in your niche area and send emails about your book, the idea behind it and how the readers of the interviewing blog can benefit from the interview and of course, the book.


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