Monday, November 20, 2006

Why Media and Celebrities make a good couple

The Peanut Butter manifesto, written by Brad Garlinghouse, a Yahoo senior vice president, has succeeded in bringing some good PR for a company dealiing with mid-life crisis questions.

Think about it: company goes into trouble - isn't getting favorable media attention, write a memo about it and whoa! Earlier it happened with Ray Ozzie's memo at Microsoft.

Google internal meme is at least 3 years away, or maybe sooner. Depends on the the so-called Adsense dependency bubble.

In an open letter to Jerry Yang and David Filo, Eric Jackson suggests things that he thinks Yahoo should do right now,

7. Indefinite Moratorium on Celebrity Appearances at Yahoo! The stars of this company are its employees. This isn't Hollywood. This is a business. Celebrities don't bring up team morale; great leadership does. Tom Cruise has left the building and let's keep him and other A-listers away.

Without offending the purists, I think Media and Celebrities go hand in hand.

Even in the blogging world, it is all about names - use keywords, cover celebrities and brands and so forth.

Media and celebrities, they are made for each other, they feed each other. Yahoo is a big, big media company. Whether Terry Semel goes away or remains at Yahoo, this won't change.

Have you noticed what mainstream magazines such as Time, Fortune and Forbes do to survive in today's 'web 2.0' world? They come out with lists of important people, take interviews of celebrities, etc. It is their compulsion, you see.


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