Thursday, December 07, 2006

10 things that ex-Googlers can do

Earlier, I gave reasons on why Google should buy the NYT. When I wrote for the Hellocompany blog, I predicted that Google would buy local newspapers in the United States. Neither of that prediction have come true as of now.

Let me try again. Fortune writes about a scenario where Google employees, bored with having not much challemnging stuff to do and with the Google stock stuck within the $500 and below range (less surety of reaching furher highs, according to some), start leaving the company.

What would these super-rich ex-googlers do? Apart from buying Luxury Yachts and energy-guzzling Hummers, that is.

My humble suggestions:

1. Start a new Search Engine, combining the best of Google and
2. Start better Vertical search engines - autos, real estate, jobs, B2B niches, etc.
3. Start a better Google Checkout.
4. Buy out the local newspaper in their town and make it better.
5. Start 5000 Craigslist-type web sites . There are 5000+ employees in Google. One city for every town- making that person the in-charge.
6. Sell stock, pool money and buy any newspaper company that can be had for less than 1 Billion dolars. Newspapers will be prifitable for atleast 10-15 years. Can you say the same about other busiensses?
7. Join a cause - anti-Microsoft, For-privacy, anti-DRM, pick one.
8. Start a global university, providing MIT-like Education at a discount to people all over the world, online.
9. Do something about Global Warming.
10. Go back to Google - for the good food at least.


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