Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Calacanis has left the building but the bite is still there

Jason Calacanis, responsible for inflicting the WeblogsInc Empire, Digg-like Netscape, sharp blog posts at and great conference talker, has joined VC firm Sequoia Capital as an Entrepreneur in Action, after leaving AOL.

Jason is a natural speaker and media mogul-aspirer. His wit and opinions were on full display when he recently spoke at Search Engine Strategies Chicago.

An example of some ‘Jasonisms’ can be foind be found on SearchEngineJournal site.

Word association on AOL “… (long pause)… Transition”, Google “Good, Unstoppable”, Netscape “the future”, AdSense “I love you”, SEO “Keep it simple”… ValleyWag “liar, evil, idiot, stupid”
Did you notice how he went after Valleywag? The blow is probably meant for arch-rival (still?) Nick Denton.


At 7:57 PM , Blogger John said...

I was at the show in Chicago and Jason's directness was refreshing. He really held nothing back. Even talking about some of the exhibitors. Nice job.


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