Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Yahoo's Citizen Video Project: Show me the money

Heard about the latest big Media attempt at using Citizen Journalism for mostly PR purposes and was convinced that Big Media people are often morons.

I will explain why Yahoo and Reuter’s latest Citizen Video project is good PR and nothing else:

Show me the money
The Web 2.0 user, savvy with Youtube and likes will not like the fuzzy payment details offered by Yahoo and Reuters. They will be paid only when Reuters is able to sell the videos to others. Huh?

Surely, the big cash-rich media companies woulkd have offered better money. Even the publicly funded BBC will pay users who submit content.

Yahoo is famous for buying promising media companies. Why doesn't it buy Metacafe or Revver?

Sites that pay Users
A list of sites that pay content-submitters can be found here.

When you let big media use concepts such as Citizen Journalism, they get loads of media coverage, when already scores of sites are doing it. All they need is Big Daddy Google’s support.

When Google starts a mutually acceptable system of putting ads on videos submitted by users, that will boost citizen journalism efforts, just as Adsense has done for blogging.

Suggestion to all video and photo sites:
Start a citizen journalism sub site.


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