Sunday, January 07, 2007

Microsoft's new fear: a simple browser tool

The new GUtil firefox extension promises to make Google OS a reality sooner than we previously thought. Presently in early stage versions, GUtil installs a top-down start menu to the browser’s address bar, just like in Windows or Mac OS.

Google Blogoscoped says the implementation leaves a lot to be desired.

However, if GUtil is able to provide a seamless, single-click access to all of Google’s online tools, it can be a big blow for desktop software providers. Microsoft and Vista supporters, take note.

Google toolbar also provides similar functions, but this Desktop OS-like metaphor is catchy.

My suggestions:

1. I think adding a ‘log in to Google’ option should some first - prompting users to log in if the user has not logged in already.

2. Many of us are afraid of Google’s ‘Store all data’ idea, so it would also be nice if the software give users a checklist of types of datawe want Google to save online – for example, you may choose to save your articles, spreadsheets and presentations online but opt for saving passwords and searches on your computer.

That would make users feel more comfortable with using online applications.

3. Last idea: The drop down menu must also have a better version of Google Personal Start page, with tagging and options for adding widgets. Adding options for enterprises to control list of widgets would also be nice.


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