Thursday, January 11, 2007

Notes on the ideal cellphone

Pictured above is the Black Box phone concept from Benq-Siemens.

1. Be cool. The phone is a style statement. Something that you can show off.
2. Apple iPhone type large touch screen and sleek.
3. 3 Megapixel and above camera (Nokia N series, Sony Ericsson 790). 2 Cameras – one in front for Chatting, and the other at the back for general recording.
4. Open source platform: For example, Moko, Tuxphone, Linux mobile. Let free third party application providers.
5. One click item send feature (post to blog, flickr, etc.)
6. Wireless keyboard support.
7. Third party support to all popular document types – Pdf, MS Office, etc.
8. Voice recognition: For example, the iPhone is of no use for the blind.
9. Larger flash drive: At least 16 GB. Sandisk recently came up with 32 GB solid state hard disk but is priced at $600 for the moment.
10. USB 2.0
11. Micro SD or similar slot.
12. GPS
13. 3G and above
14 . Fully wireless: Wifi, Wimax, VoIP, Bluetooth.
15. Freedom from the carriers: looking at scenarios where P2P mobile networks thrive.
16. One touch synchronization with other devices: PC, Media Server, etc.
17. Simple, inituitive user interface.
Idea: why not let the user design his own interface?
Something on the lines of customizing the desktop, the browser, search.
18. RIM-like hassle-free email.
19. Push-to-talk, IM
20. Battery life: 16 hours audio, 8 hours talk
21. All-in-one: GSM, CDMA, GPRS
22. No DRM
23. RSS, alerts

This is an incomplete list. Help me out here, please.


At 10:17 PM , Blogger gozirra said...

definitely not everyone's ideal. My ideal (and I'm a technofile) are the following.
1. rubberized. won't break.
2. black. won't scuff or get dirty
3. has fantastic reception. maybe a long antena, or a pullout 4 feet.
4. no calendar, camera, voice recorder, music player, or other gimmick crap.
5. because it doesn't have all of that crap, it's light, sleek, and not too expensive.
6. the screen is high-contrast, easily readable in bright sun, and pitch dark. It should be very easy to answer in total blackness.
7. voice navigation and dialing is a big plus.

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