Monday, January 22, 2007

PR 2.0: Why can’t Press Releases be proper 2-way conversations?

Stowe Boyd’s dismissal of the Social Media Release meme has divided commentators into two broad categories – the anti group consisting of all opinion bloggers on one side and the PR bloggers on the opposite side.

Here is my take on the whole thing:
A press release is a press release whether you create it for media people, social media sites or for the solitary blogger.

PR companies play semantic games with the push-idea behind the Press Release idea.

Then, there are some people who think that sending an email to Michael Arrington about the latest Web 2.0 laumch is better.

However, I have yet to see an example of a company putting up the news release up for public comment and analysis.
I am thinking about a two-way, interactive version of PRnewswire and types.

Let the modern Press Release be a conversation.

Why should companies (duly advised by their highly paid PR guys) ride on the new idea brandwagon just because everyone else is doing it and it makes them look cool as well? Why not actually walk the talk?

What's next from the PR spin doctors?
Virtual World Press Releases?


At 5:45 PM , Anonymous Tony said...

Actually those exist already -- or probably do.

"Crayon" was launched by Shel Holtz, and is a PR firm for second life; you can be sure they have, or plan to have, press releases in a virtual reality setting


At 6:08 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


The content and form of releases are their real limitation. Conversations can occur on media focused blogs.

Howard Oliver

At 9:43 PM , Blogger Brian Solis said...

Here are some great references/background pieces I wrote in trying to help communications professionals first understand SMRs in order to use them in a transparent and effective manner.

Number one

Number two

Number three. This is an example of one through a wire. It was less effective than using a blogging platform.

. PR in the Long Tail.


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