Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Second Life officially declares open house for spammers

Perhaps trying to deflect criticism for building excessive hype, owners of Second Life Linden Labs have announced that the Second Life code is available free under the GPL license.

Everyone is trying to set set the agenda for 2007 - from Bill Gates, Michael arrington to everone else. Second Life has competition as well and they want to monetize on their first-come position. Among the competition, there is Multiverse, Areae, and Open Croquet.

However, the server code is not open sourced, only the client source. Second Life is going the Myspace way, creating a new economy of service providers
who do everything from helping users decorate their profiles to creating tools that let advertisers target MySpace users.

Second Life is not going that far, it is only going to allow a competitive marketplace for hosters of connected Second Life clients.

There is no new system. You still play by Second Life’s rules.

- As I said earlier, what’s the joy in going to a place which is more Spam and marketing universe than a fun, game-like Universe?

- What is a virtual world with all the goodies that you cannot do in real life?
Where is the booty for example? Where is the excitement other than corporate sponsored Second Life parties?

- Expect more pesty spambots who will peddle everything from magazine subscriptions and cut rate household items to the billion-dollar lottery.

- Expect the Nigerian scammers to move in to Second Life as well.

- Open source or no, you still have to have an account to log in. The money does not stop.

At least the Myspace people do not ask for money in lieu of all that spam.


At 7:04 PM , Anonymous Signore Iredell said...

Fact 1:
You don't need to pay to have an account to play Second Life.

Fact 2:
I'm in SL since 5 months and nobody is spamming me.

You don't need to understand Second Life, and you don't need to find "joy" and "excitement" while you're in Second Life. I mean it's not necessary that you enjoy it. It looks like other people enjoys it, though.

sorry for bad english

At 5:21 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...


100 to 1 this joker, Pramit Singh, has not spent more than 30 minutes in Second Life.


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