Thursday, January 11, 2007

What came before the iPhone

News about the iPhone started coming in a big way since January 2006. Last year, we saw some interesting concept phone designs and many iPhone designs by enthusiasts as well.

A sampling of these designs, starting with a phone from LG which looks uncannily similar to the iPhone, followed by a touch screen version of the iPod designed by fans when asked for what they wanted most in the next version of the iPod.

Engadget is running a story on the LG phone featured above and asks whether Apple will have to face another lawsuit after Cisco.

Followed by that is my choice from more than 35 iPhone concept desings from enthusiasts at this great site devoted to iPhone designs. My other favorite designs are the Black Box concept phone from Benq- Siemens and Nokia's full screen cellphone concept.

For more, click on these Google search results for iPhone designs and concept phone.


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