Thursday, February 22, 2007

The future of news publishing: Opinion & analysis

Many publishers will increasingly echo this: “Pay for exclusive opinion and analysis”.

Jeff Jarvis and Howard Owens have recently written about the oft-quoted slogan, “News has always been free and always will be”. That is all well and fine but how will news businesses make money?

WSJ and Economist have long sold subscriptions for exclusive analysis. Bill Emmott, who left as Editor of The Economist said in an interview that every week, the magazine that likes to call itself a newspaper, makes sure that it has at least 4 or so completely pieces of thought.

The New York Times is trying this ‘pay for opinion’ model in its Times Select offering.

Time, belonging to the almost forgotten age of the Newsweeklies, is considering carrying more opinion and essay pieces.

I read some time back that while Free newspapers will carry the commodity-type news material, publishing houses may consider to sell pay versions with analysis, opinions, op-ed and so on.

Let news be free.


At 5:06 AM , Blogger Tom said...

The biggest issue is what will pay for news and opinion? The online business models are too weak to support an infrastructure such as the New York Times with its many news bureaus--even if they charge for the analysis.


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