Friday, February 16, 2007

What does blogging mean to you?

For mainstream media journalists and bosses, blogging means, "What the ****!!!"

For many Fortune 500 CEOs, business bosses, marketing mavens and self-important PR guys, blogging means, "What the ***!!!!"

For one of my seniors, blogging means "a no-holds barred, rambling diary."

For one of the CEOs, who happened to take my job interview, blogging meant "...all that badly spelled crap masquerading for serious thoughts on Web off...and what is this web 2.0 thing?"

Marginal Revolution quotes Seth Roberts, who says blogging is an act of self-experimentalism:
Blogging makes us more oriented toward an intellectual bottom line, more interested in the directly empirical, more tolerant of human differences, more analytical in the course of daily life, more interested in people who are interesting, and less patient with Continental philosophy.

The Pew Report on blogging does not hold much water much in India.
What many of you might call Spam is serious business in these parts of the world.

For many in developing countries like India, blogging is a means to a livelihood.
Here, paid blogging is a respected job and many rewrite 10-15 posts daily to make ends meet. All thanks to Google.

In a survey last year in India, a majority of young people chose Bill Gates over Mahatma Gandhi. If those survey guys had asked bloggers, they world choose Google, no doubt about it.

Elsewhere, many are building businesses using blogs.

Writers run blogs to solicit ideas, and often foster one-on-one connection with readers.

For people hoping to make it big via blogging, the Creating passionate users blog has a most useful suggestion:

(The real secret to a successful blog/book/business)

Success no longer has to be a meritocracy (or advertocracy), today it's just as much a loveocracy.

Does blogging make us more moral and virtuous?
A commenter at the Marginal Revolution blogs cites Adam Smith’s well-known maxim that "morality comes from commerce,"

Do we spend too much time at blogging?
We love seeing our post up there on the Blogging red carpet. Frontpage listing on Digg, Techmeme and those links in the daily Statcounter report drives us to spend more time to write something new and special, every day.

Has blogging improved our writing?
In my case, it has taught to be coherent and to the point. I often find myself counting my word count for the day.

We are becoming better reporters and editors for our own domains.
Many of us now display the reporters’ habit to look at everything skeptically. Blogging is making us be more analytical towards all things we come across in life.

We looking at everything, and think, “Is there a post in it?”
In my case, I now tend to think twice before I venture to put forth my case. Maybe, it took blogging to make me a better debater. 

Blogging vs. books and others
I imagine whether the blogging text can effectively challenge other forms of wordsmithy. Can it develop into potent alternative to books, presentations, speeches, etc.? I come across numerous well-written posts on my daily rounds.

Coming down to earth
Maybe Blogging is transforming us into insecure narcissists.

Please share with me what blogging means to you.


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