Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Five Camboy transmissions I would like to see

Following is a list of people whose life I might see for at least 4 hours a day for a couple of days for a few days, cameras fixed to their head:

1. Paul Graham from Ycombinator as he counsels startups.
2. Facebook’s 22 year old Mark Zuckerberg's and his trademark adidas sandals: have to watch for myself all that supposed arrogance.
3. Sergey Brin/Larry Page of Google: I would like to see at least one Google meeting.
4. Kevin Rose: Maybe we will know the truth about dig moderation.
5. Michael Arrington/Jason Calacanis/Nick Denton/Rafat Ali/Om Malik: And see how they manage successful new media upstarts.

Nick Douglas has written about Justin TV, 24 * 7 transmission of Justin Kan’s life.

So, who is on your list?

The people behind are the same guys who started Kiko, the online calendaring application that folded after Google Calendar's launch. The founders sold Kiko on eBay for $250,000, they paid back their angel investor and saved enough for a year's salary.

Via Paul Graham



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