Thursday, March 15, 2007

How long will blogging last?

That is a questions often asked by those who still don’t get the power and utility of blogging – like mainstream big hitters; and by all those who still haven’t grasped that blogging is just a tool – an easy to use tool that gives voice to, pardon the cliché, the teeming masses.

It is about voice.

I am still not sure what Bruce Sterling, well-known Science Fiction writer meant when he said the blogging would die out in 10 years time, calling bloggers ‘laptop gypsies’.

Maybe, like many of us, Bruce referred to Splogs and incessant rewriting, constituting a major part of 55 millions or so blogs out there.

I think Google and others have to answer the Spam/Splog menace.

As long as we can add something new to the Global conversation, we will blog. (others will comment; chat in forums; rate stories)

And, to all bloggers who started out to make some money from blogging, do not despair.
You are not alone: this bloggers made a whopping $15 in 4 months from this blog.

What do you think? Is blogging a passing thing?

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