Tuesday, March 27, 2007

How to beat Google: Good linkbait, wrong question

To beat Google, one has to ask, what's next in search? What's next after pagerank and Google's huge datacenters?

Rich Skrenta discusses ideas on beating Google and as far as I could read, there was nothing new.

Beating Google in a PC-based field is almost impossible, for reasons you can find plenty on Skrenta’s post.

I believe it was Don Dodge who said earlier that the next search champ was from mobile, local and classifieds market – or, maybe a mix of all three.

Coming to the second big Google post of the day, Phill Midwinter on Readwriteweb writes about ‘Semantics being Web 3.0 and Natural Language Processing being Web 4.0’.

Both of these ideas are after the same goal – finding meaning. That will be real hard, requiring collaborations on a giant scale, which will be hindered by the basic fact that humans are not borgs.

Till then, search people have to make do with intention.

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