Sunday, March 18, 2007

Rules of the Superstar Economy

Let’s the end debate about the existence of A-listers here: Yes, Jason, there is an A-list. Just like there are A-listers in movies, music, sports, writing and law businesses among others. Bill Clinton is an A-List politician cum speaker, having made $40 million from speaking alone.

There is no denying it and there is no complaining about it. Brad Pitt wore chicken costumes before he…you know what.

I know it sucks for bloggers who complain – there have been many times when a great article doesn’t get much traction, but is later a big hit when a top blogger writes about it. It has happened with me quite often.

I wrote about The A-Listers’ economy in January a couple of times in January, here and here.

However, it got scant attention.

Calacanis suggests B and C listers email to top bloggers to move attention. To some, this advice may feel like ‘polish’ – they have a term for thus type of practice in India –‘chamchagiri’. However, point taken, Jason.

A typical top blog on Technorati is on average 33 months old and makes more than 2 posts daily.

To probable A-listers, Calacanis says,
… a couple of years ago Scoble, Jarvis, and I were the blue collar bloggers …They busted their butts for years blogging in an intelligent way

Calacanis’ suggestion:
Go to 2-3 events or conferences a week.

Hmm..wonder what happens to all those who live outside the United States.



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