Saturday, March 31, 2007

What bloggers can learn from Homer Simpson

Two things:

1. Let everyone have a blog
So that we no longer have to suffer from the monopolistic ways of old media behemoths.

In my favorite Simpsons episode, Mr. Burns (Springfield’s richest man) buys off all media properties in the town, leaving it to Lisa Simpson, Homer’s precocious daughter to fight Mr. Burns’s power with her mimeographed single page newspaper. Eventually, Mr. Burns manages to discourage Lisa. Next, Homer takes up Lisa’s cause and comes with his own single page paper, followed by every Springfield citizen rolling and hawking one’s own paper, putting Mr. Burns’s power to dust.

So, my dear, friends, even if you don’t make a single a penny out of your blog, remember this: whenever, you feel your voice is being suppressed by the system or anything else out there, your blog will always be there.

Speak out. Break the shell.

Writing about IDG founder Patrick McGovern’s attack on fellow media heavyweight John Battelle, Rex Hammock says,
When everyone blogs, all sides of a story can be aired
You may give Rex the Nobel prize for this line.

2. Be yourself
Homer is a glutton. Homer is lazy at work (that’s putting it mildly). While other 40 year olds are busy toning off their bodies like 20 year olds, Homer is proud of his belly. Homer is himself and his family and friends are happy with him the way he is.

As a blogger, you might look at others and think, "Why can’t a write this way or that way?" Why can’t I be clear and concise? (Though there are merits with being concise) As long you being true to yourself and keep writing what you truly believe in, in due time, you will have found your own unique voice - which may be coarse, provincial, bitchy, or whatever.

But, it will be your voice. Unique, like Homer Simpson's personality.

Blog on.



At 12:44 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lesson #3: Be loud.

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