Thursday, March 29, 2007

What bloggers can learn from Sanjaya Malakar

1. Target a profitable niche:
Pander to the taste of 10-14 year olds and you will go a far way. The 10-14 year is a very profitable demographic.

2. Have a USP:
The kid obviously can’t sing. However, knowingly or not he has a USP ready – his hair – changing with every show.

3. Monetize smartly:
Past AI winners have been adult oriented and except perhaps Kelly Clarkeson to some extension, have not been as popular as regular pop stars. Jennifer Hudson did not win AI but made it big in the movie business. Sanjaya, with his following of 10-14 year olds can hope to sell more CDs on basis of looks alone; his tiny unremarkable voice is a side show. Even if Sanjaya does not win, he has a ready- to- exploit Teeny weeny pop career within easy grasp.

Many bloggers, including yours truly write for a broad, smart and mostly adult audience.
Result: few adsense clicks.

Gadgets sites know this and focus on 18-34 YTM demographic (Young, Techie, Male) who are forever covering the yet another useless new doodad, but the click thoroughs are better.

4. Confuse the competition, look at a bigger picture:
Many think Sanjaya survives because of the Indian-American vote. He is not concerned about his heritage but he is assured that his great AI run will help him earn his bread in future.

Lesson: blog well and often your future employers might 'Google' you and find what you are all about. Savvy?

Come on, we are not that jingoistic, or, are we?



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Ignore Sanjaya and get a Life.

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