Saturday, April 28, 2007

British women outnumber men in buying books

Joel Rickett writes in the Guardian about a research done by consumer research agency BML, reporting that while women bought 188 million books in the UK in 2006, men bought only 128 million.
Women bought 8% more than they did in in 2005. On the other hand, men bought only 2% more than 2006.

What about the U.S., which accounts for a third of all book sales worldwide?

The data from Publishers Weekly is old dating back to 1997-1999, but I think not much would have changed to alter the way of things:

According to Publishers Weekly, in the U.S., Women buy 68% of all books. Moreover, 55% of fiction is bought by women; 45% by men.

About India, all I can say is that the two Indian (or of Indian origin) winners of the Man Booker prize in these last years have been women.



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