Friday, April 20, 2007

The Rising power of female users

According to the latest eMarketer report, there will be an around 97.2 million female Internet users (3 years and older) in 2007, amounting to 51.7% of the total online population.

Moreover, in 2011, 109.7 million US females will go online, amounting to 51.9% of the total online population.

There’s more.
The report says that more of the female population goes online.
In 2007, an estimated 66.2% of US females (3 years and older) will use the Internet at least once a month, compared with 64.2% of males.

By 2011, 72.1% of females are expected to go online, vs. 69.3% of males.

Implications for online publishers

Female users have taken to social networking sites in a big way.

Sugar Publishing (blog network), Martha Stewart Omnimedia, the iVillage network are some of the smarter publishers, who already address the demographic.

Hot topics for publishers
Shopping, parenting, lifestyles, celeb/scandal, ‘my experience’articles, etc.

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