Wednesday, April 04, 2007

There is no age limit to blogging

The ageless project list blogs by the year of birth of their authors.

As expected, bloggers born in the 70s and 80s, make up 60% of the 1700 or so blogs listed. It is a small sample, but it illustrates the popularity of blogging as a tool for expression among the older generation, going as far as those born in 1910.

Real-time Stats as of Tue 04/03/07

Born in the 1910s: 2 0.12%
Born in the 1920s: 17 0.98%
Born in the 1930s: 41 2.37%
Born in the 1940s: 105 6.08%
Born in the 1950s: 193 11.18%
Born in the 1960s: 319 18.47%
Born in the 1970s: 646 37.41%
Born in the 1980s: 383 22.18%
Born in the 1990s: 16 0.93%

Total Listings: 1727
Via Research Buzz

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