Friday, April 20, 2007

The confused person's guide to web 2.0 (aka 14 things to know about web 2.0)

There is only thing that I am sure of about Web 2.0.
Two-way conversations are in.

As for the rest, check this list out that I made:

The confused guide to Web 2.0

1. User-generated content is the big thing.
Remember the 80:19:1 principle? (80% consume, 19% regurgitate, 1% contributes)

2. Old media is dead. New media is in.
You still have to make money, right?

3. Mass Media is crap.
How about those Myspace and Facebook comments?

4. Web 2.0 is about people.
Web 2.0 is about controlling people’s data.

5. Hits are out. (Wired Magazine, The Long tail).
Hits are in. (The Mathew Effect, 80:20)

6. There are no more gatekeepers.
Yeah? So, why do we need Techmeme, Digg and the A-listers?

7. It is not about making money.
It is about paying the bills, paying for net access and all that coffee.

8. Web 2.0 sites are great places to hang out.
Indeed. You do the content production, while others make money.

9. Everyone among us is a publisher.
It is hard making money online. There are too many of us.

10. The Wisdom of crowds.
The madness of crowds (Digg bury, flaming)

11. Startup is easy and cheap.
Standing out is hard and expensive. Did you put an ad on Techcrunch?

12. Blogging is in.
Spam, spam, spam.

13. Video is in.
Only spoofs, fun and sex sell.

14. Anyone can get attention.
Yeah, right. Got to game Google and Digg.



At 3:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is more of a guide than a manifesto.

Good one, though.



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