Monday, May 28, 2007

Defeating Google: a reality check

Dashing my vain hopes of igniting the rebellious gene in Googlers, Paul Montgomery pours a bucketful of cold water with some hard-hitting truisms.

Paul says that while Microsoft Windows was usurped by TCP/IP…Google will be usurped by any open source protocol that betters the ‘Google OS’. His money is on a P2P models including Bittorrent.

About Googlers going on to defeat Google- chances are extremely slim.

The big corporations tie down their employees’ wings by non compete agreements.
Besides, Google owes the IP to any idea coming from the 20% time.

Knowing the reality, I would still like to believe that an extremely smart big company man will outsmart the Company, ultimately defeating it.

Tip to Googlers:
Work double time during the 20% time. Come up with two ideas – one for the company, the better one for yourself.



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