Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Enterprise 2.0: Boo Hoo?

Tom Davenport throws a bucket of ice cold water on the hot web 2.0 topic of the moment – Enterprise 2.0, which broadly denotes using web 2.0 tools including blogs, tags, wikis, voting/rating, commenting within the confines of the modern corporation.

Tom’s argument brings me back to the early 90s when much was being made about how technology could transform organizations – flat structures over vertical, teleworking, openness and on and on…until Enron happened which proved that Human nature trumped technology time and time again.

Tom says,

Enterprise 2.0 software and the Internet won't make organizational hierarchy and politics go away. They won't make the ideas of the front-line worker in corporations as influential as those of the CEO. Most of the barriers that prevent knowledge from flowing freely in organizations – power differentials, lack of trust, missing incentives, unsupportive cultures, and the general busyness of employees today – won't be addressed or substantially changed by technology alone.

We are back to the old Human nature question, again.
Back to the psychologists and philosophers, as well, perhaps?

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At 2:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Enterprise 2.0 is a hype, nothing more than a glorified, heavily moderated Intranet.

- Jan,
A Bangalore-based MNC employee


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