Monday, May 14, 2007

Friction TV: The Youtube of Debate

Created by Omar Sheikh, former head of Saatchi & Saatchi interactive and PR consultant Andy West, Friction TV will be launched this week in U.K. aiming to be the ‘virtual speakers’ destination, where people can upload videos of themselves arguing about and challenging issues that affect them most, including hot popular culture topics such as whether it is indeed OK to have reporters accompanying Prince Harry’s trip to Iraq.

To get things going, the site has already been seeded by videos of some prominent personalities in U.K.

The ad-supported site, which will also be accessible from Mobiles won’t be moderated but the webmasters may remove objectionable racial or personal attacks.

To popularize Friction TV, the promoters plan to erect Friction TV booths along the lines of Quick photo booths, in public places where people can record themselves without having to go with the hassle of setting things up for recording in their homes.

A related idea:
Why not have a Friction TV channel on Youtube?
You get more exposure and can save on bandwidth charges.

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