Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Google Hot Tends: for whose benefit?

As usual, Google’s newest toy is its Hot Trends page, breaking from the Zeitgeist page that showed top searches for a month and which was mostly dominated by the likes of Britney and Paris.

The Hot Trends lists the top 100 break out searches of each day. More importantly, these are not the top searches as mentioned on the Zeitgeist pages. This is also nowhere near Wordtracker’s top keywords list, only containing search terms that deviate most from their normal search pattern.

From a news point of view, the Hot Trends page does not provide much value and is same as Wikipedia 100.

I checked the top news keywords in Google news and they do not obviously reflect in the Hot Trends page.

However, you cannot discount the value of the Hot Trends page to spammers, rewriters, made for adsense players around the world.

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