Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The hard path to online riches with Online videos

Ok, so you start by putting your show on Youtube, people like it, you start getting a share of ad revenue that Youtube has started to share.

Will that cover your costs and is this your future?
Making online videos is much, much different from blogging.

Ultimately, you will want to have your own video site where you don’t have to share ad revenue with others - earning through adsense, sponsorships and deals with select advertisers.

You started selling t-shirts, bags and other merchandise right from the start.

Your ultimate aim has to be one of these three things:
1. People pay and subscribe to your show.
2. People buy downloads or DVDs of your show
3. You are able to parlay your online hits into a lucrative mainstream career, something done by Amanda Congdon.

As with other things in life, it is a tough slog, often extending your will to breaking point.

It is now common knowledge that the aggregators like Youtube hold the real media power.
They act as destination sites where all the big advertisers and the audience converge.

On your own, you will find it hard to do deals with sponsorships and other advertisers if your traffic is in thousands.

The point: You need the recognition and traffic from the aggregators but you will have to do more to really make it big long term.

Businessweek has an article on the hard road to online profits for content creators.

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