Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Is it possible to build a laptop for $10?

The Times of India recently reported about a couple of ‘secret’ designs submitted to the Government of India, claiming to be able to develop laptops for $47. The government is looking to bring the cost down to $10, roughly around Rs. 500.

The only we know about the secret designs is that the whole laptop is made on a single board.

Now however, it is tempting to laugh off the $10 Laptop.

The cost of One Laptop per Child has climbed up to $175 from the initially projected price of $100.

Both Motorola and Nokia have plans to make Mobile phones for Rs. 500. Motorola is already selling a mobile phone for $35 (Rs. 1600) in India.

Therefore, I wonder whether it is really possible to build a laptop for $10 in near future.

Don't be surprised if later an over-zealous government servant is blamed for an incorrect story.



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