Monday, May 07, 2007

Personal branding using blogs

Raj Dash has this follow up graphic on personal branding using blogs, among other tools. The new graphic illustrates some online ‘brands’ you can aspire to.

I would say it is the first draft of a list and the graphic does not give example of people associated with each brand type.

Let me find quick examples for each.

Web guru:, alistapart
Web doofus: The people who went after Kathy Sierra
Net Doofus: Hackers, spammers
Net nerd: Often tribal in nature, moving in packs. Digg members, for example.
Net geek: Lifehacker, …helping out others with tips and tricks.
Internet ultra Geek: skilled coders like Dave Winer and Doc Searls.

I would add one more ‘brand’ – pompous nerd.

Here’s how people do it:
1. Calling attention to the number of pageviews, rss subscribers, downloads, they have achieved in a given period of time.
It can give you instant recognition, “he’s arrived”.

Make exaggerated claims if you are up to it. S
how a photoshopped image of a $50,000 Google adsense check.

2. Writing deliberate, in-your-face headlines:
“My rules for linking to fellow bloggers.

3. Spoofing famous acts:
“What would I do if I was News Corp”, “Would you spend the rest of your life selling sugared water?

Confidence can work.
It is a competitive world out there and people go to any lengths to attract attention.

Examples of this breed: web site owners, blog network owners, blog owners, conference speakers, book writers, etc.

Disclaimer: I haven't tried these out and I can't guarantee if I ever will.
Follow this at your own peril :-)



At 12:05 AM , Anonymous Dan Schawbel said...

This is a great post. A personal's personal brand is always at stake with blogging because of it's nature. Being a direct contact point between the writer and audience.


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