Thursday, May 03, 2007

The Web 2.0 Map

Randall Munroe of has drawn this map representing social networks, blogs and assorted online communities as Kingdoms; in what is still the early Middle Ages period (dark ages, for cynics) of the age of the Web.

In a world dominated by the spam-producing nation of Myspace, Yahoo and Microsoft are relegated to the ‘frozen North’. Although Yahoo owns many ‘popular’ places of pilgrimages such as Del.icio,us and Flickr.

Surprisingly, the youthful, over-eager crusaders of Digg are not shown. Maybe, they live in underground dwellings twenty thousand leagues beneath the sea.

Trolls occupy the area beyond the blogipelogo.

The Mediavidea raft (quite raggedy and badly leaking, I confess)is floating somewhere in the area between the blogilelogo and Sea of memes. It has never ventured into the choppy seas of culture and sub-cultures.

The Zeus of this world, Google is sitting over at Mount Googleplex, not shown in the map.

Link to bigger pic here
[Thanks to Valleywag for the info.]



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