Friday, May 04, 2007

Why I do not like Twitter

Let me clarify first: I don't like like Twitter and it has nothing to do with the software, which I think is good.
I just don't like the hype and all that pseudo-eventory.

I look at this hype about Twitter in select media outlets, group of so-called experts and opinion shapers and it seems like a Seinfeld episode – take a teaspoonful of nothing and talk about it.

Only difference: Seinfeld was entertaining.
On the other hand, these twitter love songs are big put-offs.

Some say people are taking up Twitter because they are jaded by blogging.
If by blogging you mean throwing your diary out in the open, you might be right there.

Makes sense talking about yourself all the time, huh? I haven't made a single cent out of blogging.
When I don't like it, I might stop blogging but I won't twitter.

Other point out Twitter is a great tool for small teams and groups to be in touch at all times.
There is some merit there, but look at the bright side: You are not making enough sales breakthroughs today and your boss keeps pinging.

Some say the 140 characters per posting makes people post throughout the day – hopefully, all that twitter makes sense.

You can indeed make sense in 140 characters, provided you are Hemingway, on a commando operation, cheating in exams and …Besides, when you post nonsense throughout the day, you are putting more starin on a free service.

Another pro-Twitter argument goes like this – it helps you in touch with your close friends, so that you are up to date about the latest development.

Sounds too ‘Teeny’.
After a while, people need some space and I guess we have evolved up to appoint when too much familiarity does not breed contempt.

Finally, the ultimate pro-Twitter argument: If you do not get Twitter, you must be tool old.

I am a 30-year-old guy, and I do not use Twitter.
Actually, I do not text either. I do not care what you are doing unless I happen to be your boss and I suspect you waste a lot your work time on Digg, Orkut and of course, twittering with other people.

Therefore, I have had enough of twittering; let us get back to work now.

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