Thursday, June 28, 2007

Microsoft’s new low cost PCs for India are expensive than existing models

Microsoft has announced that it will sell $513 PCs (Rs. 21000 each) in India, which will be built on AMD hardware and will come pre-loaded software for students.

Thing is, students in India already have access to PCs for under Rs 15000 ($350) which they can configure with a wider range of freely available software.

If Microsoft is really serious about helping students in poor nations, they ought to use some of Bill Gates’ charity money and use that to give out free PCs and software.

This way Microsoft also ensures Bill’s money stays in the company.

This also says much about the blanket PR coverage that such news items are given by traditional newspapers and news sites, most of whom do not even bother to go to the local tech marketplaces to research the stories.

An example is here.

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